Meaning of けんしん in Japanese

It seems that けんしん(kenshin) is an inflection of けんするん.
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Definition of けんしん

あくび(akubi) · けんしん(kenshin) 欠伸 ·

欠伸 Kanji Details

  1. (n) yawn; yawning (and stretching)

    His lectures are terribly boring.

  2. kanji "yawning" radical (radical 76)
  1. (n, vs) physical examination; medical examination; health checkup; health screening →Related words: 健康診査 , 健康診断
  1. (n, vs) inspection of a meter; reading a meter
  2. inspecting clothing, etc. for residual needles, staples, etc.
  1. (n, vs) dedication; devotion
  1. (n) beatific vision
  1. (n) wise and able retainer
  1. (n) (Christian rite of) confirmation
  1. (n) sword blade
  1. (n, vs) verification of the authenticity of a document (e.g. by seal or handwriting)
  1. (n, vs) offering a gift (to a superior)
  1. (n) influential vassal; powerful retainer; powerful courtier

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