Meaning of きょうき in Japanese

It seems that きょうき(kyōki) is an inflection of きょう with the following forms:
  • form.
  1. Words

Definition of きょうき

  1. (n) chivalrous spirit; chivalry
  1. (n, vs, adj-no) wild joy; ecstasy

    They exulted in their unexpected success.

  1. (n, adj-no) madness; insanity →Related words: 正気

    It is little short of lunacy to try it.

  1. (n, adj-no) narrow gauge
  1. (n, vs) pleasant surprise
  1. (n) dangerous weapon; lethal weapon; deadly weapon

    The fingerprints left on the weapon correspond with the suspect's.

  1. (n, vs) retentive memory
  1. (n, vs) cooccurrence

Words related to きょうき

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