Meaning of きかん in Japanese

It seems that きかん(kikan) is an inflection of きくん.
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Definition of きかん

  1. (n, adj-no) organ (of body); instrument

    We dissected a frog to examine its internal organs.

  1. (n) mainstay; nucleus; key
  1. (n) flagship

    We've destroyed the enemy flagship!

  1. (n) period; term; interval

    How long will it take to get well?

  1. (n) engine
  2. agency; organisation; organization; institution; organ; body
  3. system; facility; facilities
  1. (n, vs) repatriation; return
  2. (electrical) feedback
  1. (n, adj-no) trachea
  1. (n, adj-no) quarterly (e.g. magazine)
  1. (n) your letter
  1. (n) pattern; example; model; paragon; mirror
  1. (adj-no, n) already published →Related words: 未刊
  1. (n, vs) returning to one's (war)ship
  1. (n) (railroad) gauge
  1. (n) wonderful sight
  1. (n) hunger and cold
  1. (n) you (used to address government officials, military personnel, etc.)

Words related to きかん

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