Meaning of きかい in Japanese

It seems that きかい(kikai) is an inflection of くる with the following forms:
  • かい form.
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Definition of きかい

  1. (adj-na, n) strange; wonderful; weird; outrageous; mysterious

    He recounted his unusual experiences.

  1. (n) chance; opportunity

    Let's make it some other time.

  1. (n) machine; mechanism

    I am going to put this machine to the test today.

  2. instrument; appliance; apparatus

    The sphygmomanometer is an important diagnostic instrument.

  1. (n) the go (shogi) world; shogi circles
  1. (n, vs) breaking; demolishing; smashing; destroying; wrecking
  2. being broken; being ruined; being destroyed; being worn out

Words related to きかい

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