Meaning of きかいけつ in Japanese

It seems that きかいけつ(kikaiketsu) is an inflection of きく with the following forms:
  • いける form.
  • form.
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Definition of きかいけつ


菊 Kanji Details

  1. (n) chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium)

    Chrysanthemums smell sweet.

  1. (v5k, vi) to be effective; to show effect →Related words: 薬が効く
  2. to do its work; to carry out its function well →Related words: 目が利く

    How dare you speak to me like that?

  3. to be possible to use →Related words: 割引が効く

    My credit is good for 50,000 yen.

  1. (v5k, vt) to hear
  2. to listen (e.g. to music)

    "Did you hear the lecture in that class yesterday?" asked the student.

  3. to ask; to enquire; to query
  1. (n, vs) fear; misgivings →Related words: 危惧
  1. (n) opening line; opening line of a (Chinese) poem
  1. (n) rule; standard; compass and ruler

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