Meaning of かんた in Japanese

It seems that かんた(kanta) is an inflection of かむ with the following forms:
  • Ta form: indicates the past tense.
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Definition of かんた

  1. (v5m, vt) to bite; to chew; to gnaw

    "My teeth are too weak for apples," said the boy.

  2. to crash against (e.g. of waves); to break onto (shore)
  3. to engage (of cogs, zippers, etc.); to mesh; to fit together
  4. to be involved in →Related words: 一枚噛む
  5. to fumble one's words (during a play, broadcast, etc.); to falter with one's words
  6. to strongly confute; to argue down; to rebuke; to scold harshly
  1. (v5m, vt) to blow (one's nose)
  1. (n) family affairs; family business
  2. steward in charge of the affairs of a samurai family (middle ages)

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