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かん kan ka

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Definition of かんか

  1. (n) dry fruit (i.e. nuts) →Related words: 液果
  2. dried fruit
  1. (n, vs) influence; inspiration; reform; correction
  1. (n, vs) connivance; shutting one's eyes to
  1. (n) leisure
るつぼ(rutsubo) · かんか(kanka) 坩堝

坩堝 Kanji Details

  1. (n) crucible; (melting) pot

    The United States has long been known as a "melting pot" because most of its people are descended from immigrants.

  1. (n) separation from the world
  1. (n) widow and widower; lonely people
  1. (n, adj-no) under the jurisdiction of
  1. (n) shield and halberd; fighting; war
  1. (n, vs) cyclization; cyclisation

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