Meaning of かいしょう in Japanese

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Definition of かいしょう

  1. (n, vs) negotiation; talks
  1. (n, vs) cancellation; liquidation; resolution; reduction (e.g. of stress)

    I have broken off our engagement.

  1. (n, vs) renaming; retitling
  1. (n) Vice-Admiral (Maritime Self-Defence Force of Japan) (defense)
  1. (n) resourcefulness; ability (esp. to earn a living); dependability; reliability

    My husband isn't quite the provider he should be.

  1. (n) circular; circulating letter
  1. (n, vs) sweeping victory; easy victory
  1. (n) Navy Minister
  1. (n) marine phenomenon
  1. (n) tidal bore; eagre →Related words: 感潮河川
  2. tsunami; tidal wave →Related words: 津波

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