Meaning of かいき in Japanese

It seems that かいき(kaiki) is an inflection of かいい.
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Definition of かいき

  1. (n, adj-no) session (of a legislature)

    The session will be prolonged again.

  1. (n) society by-laws
  1. (n) death anniversary
  1. (n, vs) return (to); revolution; recurrence; recursion; comeback; revival
  1. (adj-na, n) bizarre; strange; wonderful; weird; outrageous
  1. (n) total eclipse; totality
  1. (n, vs) foundation of a temple; laying a foundation (stone)
  2. (math) open base
  1. (n) buying mood
  1. (n) sea air; sea breeze
  2. ocean and atmosphere
  3. type of thin thread; textile type
  1. (n, vs) recovery

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