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Definition of おおい

おおい(ooi) · おい(oi)
  1. (int) hey!; oi!
  2. me
  1. (adj-i) many; numerous
  1. (n) cover; mantle; shroud; hood
うまごやし(umagoyashi) · もくしゅく(mokushuku) · まごやし(magoyashi) · おおい(ooi) · ウマゴヤシ(umagoyashi) 馬肥やし ·馬肥 ·苜蓿

馬肥苜蓿 Kanji Details

  1. (n) toothed medick (Medicago polymorpha); hairy medick; bur clover
  2. white clover (Trifolium repens) →Related words: 白詰草
  1. (pref) greater (of equal court ranks); upper; senior →Related words:
  2. (n, adj-na) a great deal; very much →Related words: 大いなる , 大いに

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