Meaning of いっし in Japanese

It seems that いっし(isshi) is an inflection of いっす.
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Definition of いっし

  1. (n) private first-class (JSDF)
  1. (n, adj-no) finger
  1. (n) dying; laying down one's life
  2. one out (baseball)
  1. (n-adv, n) string

    But I'll never be defeated, never lose my way.

  1. (n-adv, n) an arrow; (a) retort

    This new product of ours is a serious blow to our rival company.

  1. (n) a child; one child
  2. one of several children, especially the son and heir
  3. one stone (in Go) →Related words: 一目
  1. (n) anecdotal history
きのとみ(kinotomi) · いっし(isshi) · おっし(osshi) 乙巳

乙巳 Kanji Details

  1. (n) 42nd of the sexagenary cycle →Related words: 干支

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