Meaning of いっき in Japanese

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Definition of いっき

  1. (n) one term; one period
  2. first term; first period
  1. (n) chug!; drink! (said repeatedly as a party cheer) →Related words: 一気に飲む
  1. (n) one horseman
  1. (n) uprising (esp. in Japan since middle ages, e.g. peasant uprising); revolt; insurrection; putsch; riot
  1. (n, vs) missing a chance
  1. (n) one tree; a tree
  1. (n) one machine
  2. an aircraft (airplane); one aircraft

    According to the ABC news, another jet-liner was hi-jacked in the Middle East.

  3. one player (in video games)
いっき(ikki) · ひとき(hitoki) 一季

一季 Kanji Details

  1. (n-adv, n-t) one season
  2. one year (esp. as an Edo-period duration of employment) →Related words: 半季

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