Meaning of いちじ in Japanese

It seems that いちじ(ichiji) is an inflection of いち with the following forms:
  • form.
  1. Words

Definition of いちじ

  1. (n) one thing

    Nothing succeeds like success.

  1. (n) letter; character

    He could put together words from his word list, or spell out words letter by letter.

  1. (adj-na, n, adj-no) first; primary; linear (equation); first-order
  1. (n-t) one o'clock

    He stayed in London for a time.

  2. (n-adv, n-t) once; at one time; formerly; before
  3. (n-adv, n-t, adj-no) for a time; for a while; for the time being; for the present; for the moment; temporarily
  4. (n) a time; one time; once →Related words: 一時に

Words related to いちじ

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