Meaning of いせい in Japanese

It seems that いせい(isei) is an inflection of いせる with the following forms:
  • いる form.
  1. Words

Definition of いせい

  1. (n, n-suf) ... and westward; west of
  1. (n) power; might; authority
  1. (n) different surname; different family name
  1. (n, adj-no) the opposite sex →Related words: 同性

    She feels very shy in the presence of the opposite sex.

  2. (chem) isomerism
  1. (n) institutions bequeathed from the past
  1. (n, vs) nocturnal emissions (of semen); oneirogmus
  1. (n) governing; administering
  1. (n, adj-f) bio-medical; biomedical
  2. medical student

Words related to いせい

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