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Definition of いし

  1. (n) will; volition; intention; intent; determination

    We are the great communicators.

  1. (n) intention; purpose

    Communication takes many forms.

  1. (n) orphan →Related words: 遺児
  1. (n) dying wish
  1. (n) (historic) ruins
  1. (n, adj-no) doctor; physician

    That gentleman must be a doctor.


石 Kanji Details

  1. (n) stone

    The child picked up a small stone.

  2. gem; jewel
  1. (n) traditional square chair with armrests and a torii-shaped back (used by the emperor, etc. during ceremonies)

    Could you move the chair a bit?

  1. (n, vs) suicide by hanging; hanging oneself
  1. (n, vs) bossing someone around; having a person under one's control →Related words: あごで使う

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