Meaning of いこう in Japanese

It seems that いこう(ikō) is an inflection of いく with the following forms:
  • volitional/presumptive form
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Definition of いこう

  1. (n-adv, n-t) on and after; as from; hereafter; thereafter; since

    He led a hard life after that.

  1. (n) great deed
  1. (n) great effect
  1. (n) power; authority; influence
  1. (n, vs) switching over to; migration; transition
  1. (n, vs) transposition
  1. (n) clothes rack
  1. (n) perfume on the clothing
  1. (n) works following the deceased
  1. (n) remains
  1. (n) posthumous manuscripts
  1. (n) lingering odor of giver (clothes, etc.) (odour)
  1. (v5u, vi) to rest; to relax; to repose
  1. (n) intention; idea; inclination
  1. (n) great fragrance

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